PROJECT № 118.

Innovative device for disinfecting water and effluents.

City: Mykolaiv

Project manager: Volodymyr Zakoretskyi

Degree of project readiness: Prototype

The invention proposes a device which by means of hydrodynamic impact purifies water and gives it unique properties with no analogues. It is offered for domestic consumers, for medical purposes, as well as for industrial use in industries with high requirements for water quality.        

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  1. How does the cavitation system work? At what scale does the system need to work (liters/min) in order to meet the needs of the industry? Is your system able to operate at this scale?

    1. How does the cavitation system work?
      Caverns are made in the unit with the help of nozzles. When these bubbles collapse, they create a pressure of up to 1000 atmospheres. No microorganisms can withstand such loads.
      To what scale does the system (liters / min) need to operate to meet the needs of the industry?
      We have developed a unit with a capacity of up to 200 tons per hour. It is possible to make more power.
      Can your system work on this scale?
      Such systems are actually made and work.

    2. Thank you for your reply.

    3. We gratefully accepted your interest in our work.

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