Economical electromotor

City: Zaporizhzhia

Project manager: Rodion Horobchuk

Degree of project readiness: 
Project at the very initial stage

Economical electro motor with high efficiency and simplified electronic power management scheme. 

The motor is designed for use in ventilation and air conditioning systems. A fan made on the basis of such a motor consumes 40% less electricity than a conventional fan, and this allows it to be recharged from a small solar panel. 

The key market is firstly countries with hot climate. For example, the Southern States of the USA, Latin America, the Middle East, African countries, etc.

If necessary, it is possible to develop economical motors for other industries, for example, electric transport.        

Video presentation of the project 

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  1. Dear Rodion Gorobchuk,
    I would like to discuss furtehr your project
    I am a member of the jury
    Francois PLEWINSKI
    +41 79 967 79 40


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