Automated magnetotherapeutic apparatus

City: Kyiv

Project manager: Mykola Tereshchenko

Degree of project readiness: MVP

Automated magnetotherapeutic apparatus (AMTA) provides control of magnetic therapy process and synchronizes values of magnetic field parameters with human body reaction. This allows you to optimize and increase the effectiveness of this influence.       

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  1. Three questions: 1) What is the problem with current devices that your device solves? 2) Do you plan to test the device on patients before releasing it? 3) Do you need regulatory approval before entering the market?

    1. 1) The main problem, which is quite common among magnetic therapy devices - "Adaptation to biological tissue affected by the magnetic field."
      Our device monitors the values ​​of magnetic induction emitted by the inductor.
      2)The response of the human body is important to us. That is, to what extent the process of response of biological tissue coincides with the prognosis of the doctor. Can the device on the contrary harm biological tissues. Testing of the device on patients is obligatory
      3) Yes, we need to get a certificate!


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