Automated system for preparation of singlet oxygen mixture

City: Kyiv

Project manager: Mykola Tereshchenko

Degree of project readiness: 

The utility model belongs to the field of medical instrumentation, in terms of physiotherapy and rehabilitation equipment, to systems of inhalation-oxygen support, namely to the systems of activation of steam-water mixtures and preparation of singlet-oxygen mixture (SCS). 

The model is based on the goal of increasing the efficiency of siglent oxygen, extending its life, resulting in a better positive effect on the body. (repeatedly)       

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  1. Why is automated production of singlet oxygen important compared to other singlet oxygen systems? Will you have to do human clinical trials to enter the market?

    1. 1) Automated production of singlet oxygen is important to compare with other such systems, because this industry is now constantly evolving and when the idea is developed, you can inadvertently repeat the existing solution. The market should also be considered in order to take successful decisions as a basis and further improve them.
      2) In general, clinical trials are being conducted now, and to enter the market will need to collect small statistics to reassure people of the effectiveness of the system. Although the system uses a method whose effect has already been proven.

    2. Thank you for your reply.


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