Tree generator - a device that converts fluctuations of the tree branches into electricity.

City: Kyiv

Project manager: Oleg Kozlenko

Degree of project readiness: 

The usage of solar energy, geothermal, and wind energy is reliable and environmentally friendly, but the installation of solar panels, wind turbines, and wave generators is not universal due to the need for a large area of open surfaces, certain environmental characteristics (amount of sun, waves, wind), and high cost. 

To solve this problem, we decided to install sources of alternative energy on trees and get energy from the fluctuations of tree branches. Thus, tree branches under the action of wind create mechanical reciprocating (vibrational) fluctuations, which can be converted into an electric current based on the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction. That is how the tree generator works, reaching the potency of 0.03 kW. 

The end-users of the project are tourists open to innovation; people who love outdoor recreation; foresters; organizations implementing remote monitoring of forests or parks. The usage of a system of tree generators is profitable (the cost of one device is about 25$, which is significantly cheaper compared to the alternatives) and effective (unlike other sources of alternative)        

Video presentation of the project 

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