Fire safety software complex based on artificial intelligence for detecting fire during video surveillance.

City: Hlukhiv

Project manager: Olena Levchenko, Stanislav Levchenko

Degree of project readiness: Prototype

A software package based on computer vision for processing images, detecting fire on a video stream and creating a fire notice using Telegram chatbots.             

Video presentation of the project 

Project presentation in PDF format >>>

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  1. What is the threshold for commencing the detection and alarm raising of the system involved e.g. if I started a BBQ cooking food in the backyard seen some distance away by way of smoke, would this activate the alarm?

  2. Could the system lead to a wider surveillance of society and be used for unlawful or privacy infringing tracking of people?

  3. What is the difference between this system and a system which detects fire through smoke? How would they work together?


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